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I love the order! The order of things, the clarity of images, the harmony. I like everything around me to have a style.

hara kontaxakiI was born...a while back in Athens! I grew up with a complete lack of career guidance and I rather relied on my insticts and deep influences of the decades that followed.

The ultimate 60s and 70s, the useful «bad taste» of the 80s, then the need for minimalism of the 90s and the mingle also known as mix & match of the last decade of the 20th century.

Thus I found myself forming crystallized opinions about averything and everyone and about aesthetic and it didnt't take me long to realize that our soul can either be destroyed or saved by the everyday life that we choose for ourselves.

Having studied Public Relations, Marketing and Art History at Vakalo, I experimented between the world of fashion and the one of advertising. And that until i realised that decoration was the one that interested me the most.

From 1991 to 2009 – that is a a period of 18 whole years – I worked with all the magazines and advertising companies that formed the reality – many times a virtual one based on appearances – capable however to develop my notion of a true lifestyle, one that is based on one's personality, needs as well as financial status.

Through market research for decorating magazines, advertisments, editing photos of elegant houses, refurbishing houses an hotels, i came to my very own microcosmos about aesthetic, decoration and fashion.

Having worked as a freelancer for a lot of magazines (Eu, Epsilon, Vogue, Oikos kai kipos, Diva, Diva Wedding, Oikia k Diakosmisi) and as a stylist/ interior designer for clients such as Vavangis, Satο, BoConcept, Candia Strom, Margi hotel, Primarolia and Icons Hotel in Santorini, I came to the conclusion that aesthetic is a "science" that keeps evolving, with a number of terms and rules as well as behavior codes which lead you to (where else?) the very human being.

At the end of 2009, I founded Boxes n' Foxes, having along with me talented associates with passion and vision. You will find me where modern meets old, cheeap meets expensive, new meets used, handmade the like handmade, art meets everyday life, ambient lighting a good book and the joy of everyday life the child within ourselves.

Hara Kontaxaki

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