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about boxes n' foxes

artwork bnfA small colored shelter, a nostalgic flashback, a sweet smile that accompanies a gift, the number 23 at Archelaou street in Pagrati.

Boxes n' Foxes is a store – multiplex center with a strong handmade Greek touch in every utilitarian or decorative object. It is a "gift service" that is always there for you.

It is a group of experienced professionals that are glad to give you decorative advice, renovate your home, redefine the image of your old furniture or organize with you a christening. It is the source of handmade delicatessens and especially...a well-hidden memory box!

A place of constant experimentation and cultural research, that loves to embellish your spaces and moments with elegant objects and high quality services.

My colleagues are here to offer you in a reliable, inspired and high aesthetic way the following services:

  • Gift service, where you can either choose from a variety of our suggestions or create with our help your own ideal gift for your special occasion.
  • Utilitarian objects, "smart" and artistic, with an emphasis on art de la table and on objects for children (books, fabric toys etc).
  • Delicatessens like Greek wines, culinary nuts and various alternative types of teas.
  • Editing the renovation and renewal of your old furniture. Change the tapestry, change its color and the technique of the wood, sew curtains with cheap materials in affordable prices.
  • Decorative advice to help you renovate or just decorate your old or new house, being in charge of the whole procedure.
  • Space organizing for your wardrobes and shelves for those of you who don' t spare the time and need professional assistance.
  • Event management of your christening, from the bombonieres and the invitations to the candle and the decoration of the church and the party place.

For more information you can check the Services page.

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