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Boxes covered with fabric or wall paper, hand painted or collaged, in various sizes and shapes, for younger and older people.

They are there to enclose your own truth, your endless inspiration and your vivid imagination. Fill them with something of your choice or something of Boxes n' Foxes' inspirations – as a complete gift idea – to release you from the stress of having to choose.

Personal touch and simplicity gives them a special charm that will fascinate you. Each one is unique in its own way and the main idea is the decoration of the box as well as its content to meet the very unique characteristics of its owner.

What can you put inside the box?

A bookend inspired from old insulators, a green handmade fabric puppet toy, a dining calendar, a special handmade ceramic mug to drink coffee or tea, a vintage ashtray, an elaborate teapot, cheap art handmade frames ... a series of products of 100% Greek design.


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